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Zen Sound Shaper

The ability to focus on relevant information, ignoring the useless noise, is important to be able to perform daily tasks. Sound and silence are two aspects of perception of which we should have everyday experience, yet in our society the noise is deafening above us, so much that even the most beautiful melody touches the risk of becoming overgrown. The sound-dynamic® panels ZEN of Metalway are a balanced solution between design and  performance to regain the right dimension of sound in any environment.

The latest market research reveals the growing request for Acoustic Products to be used in different environment such as restaurants, airport lounges, libraries, social clubs, hotel lobbies as well as the office environment. Our R&D department  has renewed the design of Zen, proposing a new panel decoration to ease and redefine the application in environments where the design is not just another option, it’s a need.

The fono-dynamic  Zen Panel  has  a  brand  new aesthetic  that recalls the famous design capitonnè, while bringing elegance to the product it exalts the lightness of the material, reducing the flatness of the surface.

Beside the  design, the  performances of sound  absorption  have been improved, due to the conical cavity on the surface, acting like resonate rings; the vibration are being mainly captured  and  the sound released more slowly, causing more absorption if compared to the previous version of Zen Panel.

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  • 023 red trevira.png
  • 0053 yellow trevira.png
  • 0120 orange trevira.png
  • 0331 blu trevira.png
  • 0379 light blue trevira.png
  • 0426 green trevira.png
  • 0532 ivory trevira.png
  • 0534 nocciola trevira.png
  • 0643 grigio perla trevira.png
  • 0651 nero trevira.png
  • 7035 grigio.png
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  • 9005 black.png

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