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Single acoustic panels Zen

Cod: PAN06040-PAN08040-PAN10040-PAN12040-PAN14060-PAN16040-PAN18040

Height: 60-80-100

Widths: 40 cm

When the need for more acoustic comfort coincides with the need for more privacy, use of accessories and design, the ZEN phono-dynamic® panel reaches the peak of its performance.

It separates but does not divide, thanks to the multiple supports it is possible to create private, comfortable environments, capable of providing the client with the concentration necessary for the final decision.

The panels comes in different dimension to satisfy any needs and any positioning.

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  • 023 red trevira.png
  • 0053 yellow trevira.png
  • 0120 orange trevira.png
  • 0331 blu trevira.png
  • 0379 light blue trevira.png
  • 0426 green trevira.png
  • 0532 ivory trevira.png
  • 0534 nocciola trevira.png
  • 0643 grigio perla trevira.png
  • 0651 nero trevira.png

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